Thursday, May 24, 2012

Farmers' Markets

One of my favorite pasttimes during the summertime is visiting the farmers' markets for fresh produce. I'm fortunate to live within a 10-minute walk to two markets, both offering a variety of fruits, vegetables, fresh meats and other goods. There is also a weekly market outside my office building downtown so needless to say, local producers will benefit greatly from my propensity for cooking and inability to pass up free cheese samples.

This past weekend I picked up a bunch of strawberries that practically melted in my mouth and a jar of Sweet Dill pickles from a vendor I frequented a lot last year. They also make an awesome sweet and spicy pickle...perhaps I'll get those next month. Since I had leftover lunchmeat and cheese from the chicken cordon bleu I made earlier this week, I've been enjoying these on sandwiches for lunch this week.

I want to close this blog with an exciting announcement...this blog has hit over 2,000 pageviews. While in the scheme of things, that is pretty small, I'm still pretty impressed considering I only have 10 followers (seriously, why aren't more of you following me?) and only crosspost on Facebook. Yet I have people visiting the site from all over the world. So far the most popular post has been the buffalo cheesey bread, but a close second was the Sticky Rice Food Porn post but I'm pretty sure that is only because of the words that come up on that search. :)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody!

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