Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy 2-year Anniversary, Little Blog that Could!

This week marks two years of my blog, Small Girl Big Appetite. It all started with a challenge to myself to cook one new recipe each week for a year. And I kept that New Year's resolution in 2011, but I wasn't doing much to report out on what I was making. After countless calls to "blog about it," in 2012, I decided to embark on a blogging project to write about food--food I make, food I try while eating out not only in DC, but around the world, and perhaps provide a little inspiration to those few and faithful who follow this blog, or read the occasional entry cross-posted on Facebook.

Shortly after I started the blog, I was asked by my realtor and friend to cross-post to his company's blog. So we had a fun photo shoot in March 2012 (see right) and I started to share my cooking endeavors with his blog audience around this time. Since that time, I have posted 193 entries, I'm guessing 2/3 of which are recipes. I get these recipes from Cooking Light, my friend Nick's blog (www.macheesmo.com), and various other sources. And sometimes I just wing it! This blog has helped me save money (I rarely buy lunch anymore) and eat healthier, as I can control what I'm putting in my body.

Every so often I toy with the idea of stopping the blog, just so I can dedicate time to other endeavors, but I never quite pull the plug. And a big part of that is the great feedback I receive from friends. Everything from.... "Hey Katie we made that dish you made last week...it was awesome!" or "So I'm cooking dinner for my boyfriend. Help! What should I make?"

So because those of you who read and comment on this on a regular basis are critical to my continuation...what would you like to see me make this year? Do more of or less of? I'd love to have some feedback as I plan another year of cooking up a storm.

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