Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Full Fridge

A Full Fridge

Cooking as often as I do has several benefits.  I'm controlling what's going into my body and not relying on restaurants and other eateries to eat. This saves money and I'm convinced it's a lot healthier. However after cooking 2-3 times a week for several weeks in a row, a few things happen.

1) I run out of containers to put food into.

2) My freezer starts to look like this:

Since it's just me most nights, that makes for a lot of leftovers. While sometimes I cut recipes in half, a lot of the time it just doesn't make sense. So I have friends over for dinners on occasion. But even then, I still have a good amount of food left over. Not one to waste anything (I learned that from my grandmother), I freeze a lot of my food. It's like having my own personal Lean Cuisine production line. I can pull a container out for lunch each day and I only pick up essential fresh fruits and vegetables at the grocery store for the week. So if every so often I don't post to this blog more than once in a week, this is the reason why.

I'm having some friends over to watch the Oscars on Sunday so I'll be making some great appetizers. Be on the lookout for some movie treat recipes and other savory bits next week!

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