Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Growing Appetite

Over some red wine and mini-grilled cheese sandwiches a new partnership was formed last week. My blog will be featured once a week on the Slate Properties blog, I'm hoping that this partnership will get more people in the kitchen and trying out new foods!

The partnership actually began in another capacity around this time last year when I started working with Andrew Turczyn of Slate Properties as part of my efforts to buy a condo. Six months of searching resulted in the purchase of my 550 square feet of paradise (which works for a small person, even with an oversized appetite). My new kitchen, while small, is still a vast improvement over where I used to cook which made turning around difficult and there was little counterspace to work with.

Andrew and I kicked off our new project with a fun "photo shoot" in my kitchen and I'm sure he'll be over for dinner in the near future. Not only did I gain a great new place, but a fabulous new friend.

With Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow, I better start getting all my ingredients ready for what will be another meatfest! Recipes to follow next week!

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