Thursday, August 9, 2012

New York City Bound

I'm taking several much needed few days off to take a mini vacation up to NYC and CT to visit friends and family. While no doubt some of the highlights of my trip will be visiting my super awesome little nephew Brayden (who is still figuring out solid foods, but I'll make a foodie out of him yet!) and seeing Evita on broadway, I will also partake in some awesome food. I recently discovered that I will be up there for the NYC Restaurant Week, which is more like 3 weeks, but in any case, it will be awesome. I'll be sure to document the meal I've reserved at a James Beard award winning restaurant (hint: its the pastry chef!) and report back when I'm back in town.

I'll also get back in the kitchen on a more regular basis as I've been slacking a bit with all the craziness at work. It will be good to prepare my own, healthier meals again and to save a bit of dough for my fall vacation...details coming soon.

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