Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Groupon/Living Social Conundrum

I may have written this post as an excuse to use the word conundrum, because let's admit, it's a pretty awesome word. And one that I should use more often. Anyhow, this blog post is going to address a common issue that I have found, and have had friends experience, with using Groupons/Living Social deals. I get the e-mail each morning. Everything sounds awesome...such a good deal. My mind starts envisioning cheap massages in Dupont Circle, fancy meals at a fraction of the price, and so many possibilities for weekend excursions. So I buy. And then it sits. And sits. And then I get the reminder e-mail that I need to use them soon, lest they expire. Fortunately, these companies have addressed a legal issue which used to occur and now the amount you paid for the groupon doesn't expire, but you did miss out on the savings if you don't use by the expiration date.

So the conundrum is this. Usually the amount of money you get to spend is more than just one person can eat. Or at least I can eat. So you end up trying to track down a dining companion the last week of the deal. So that's what I did last weekend.  Here is what resulted.

This is what $40 buys you for lunch at Tsunami Sushi Lounge in Logan Circle. The green guy on the right is appropriately named the "Godzilla Roll."  I believe that was green-colored puff rice on the outside. All in all the meal was great, and while I probably could have done this on my own, I'm glad my friend Katie could join me. Because two Katies are always better than one.

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